Hello 2021!

Thanks for dropping into my site!

As we continue our pandemic journey, I am so blessed to have some work. I started my online journey years ago, and as schools, libraries and groups adapt to remote teaching and entertainment, The Actors Company is in a great position to help.

The Holiday season included over 30 presentations of our seasonal works, especially A Christmas Carol. As we start the year, bookings for our Tales from Around the World, and Tales for Winter are very popular,  along with  our shows about Ben Franklin, Shakespeare, F. Scott Fitzgerald, John Muir, Aesop and Robert Frost adapted for remote broadcast. Pre recorded or live versions are available. Great for schools, library's, senior housing facilities, and historical groups.

And thru a partnership with the Diamond Family Circus, we can bring a circus show right to your site over the internet, and even teach some circus skills to your group.

My work as Descriptive Narrator for PBS has continued with new episodes of American Experience. And my teaching of meditation, and mindful movement is understandably very popular as we move thru these stressful times. I am currently working on a new and exciting certification, so we can bring more healing practices to  more people, so stay tuned!

If you are interested in booking me for any of my endeavors, drop my amazing Company Manager, Marci Diamond, a line at TheActorsCompany1@gmail.com.

Mask up, stay safe, and I hope to see you soon!



A variety of shows, check out our offerings here or drop us a line for your group.

Acting classes, individual or group, all ages.(This includes helping with character work for roles you may already be cast in, with due deference to your director).

Public Speaking lessons, great if you have a fear of public speaking but have that big speech to give.

Accent work, for when you are cast in a show that requires a dialect.

Audition preparation, both for being ready for any audition and for coaching on a specific audition, including finding the right audition piece.

Sermon coaching, any denomination, to make you more dynamic in the pulpit.

Voice over coaching, all styles, corporate, cartoon, etc.

And in a more spiritual theme, I am an Ordained Minister, happy to perform wedding ceremonies, or coach someone who is going to be doing a ceremony.

Stage combat choreography and training for individuals, and for plays and musicals.

Finally, I give after dinner and keynote speeches, that will liven up any event.

All sessions can be done in person, or via Skype. Audition emergencies are my specialty!

Please see list of solo shows, of various Literary/Historical characters, which are great for schools, libraries, historical societies, retirement communities and more.

Please contact me for any of the above, and spread the word!