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The Adventures of Benjamin Franklin



Printer, Scientist, Inventor, Author, Ambassador, Patriot.....Benjamin Franklin has been called "the First American".  His rich and colorful life is recounted in this wonderful one-man show.


Meet and listen as one of the world's greatest statesmen and authors tells a tale that weaves history and humor.  Dr. Franklin recounts his life from his youth in Boston, through his days as a printer in Philadelphia, and then his years as an inventor, philanthropist and revolutionary.

Dr. Franklin is perfect for

Schools and Library Events


Dr. Franklin discusses his youth in Boston all the way through his days as a hero of the American Revolution.  The Adventures of Benjamin Franklin can be custom tailored for grades 5 and up as well as for adult groups.

Corporations, Organizations, After-dinner Speeches


Dr. Franklin is the perfect keynote speaker for any group.  Since his life touched so many areas, Benjamin Franklin can speak with great authority on a variety of subjects such as:


  • How to Manage a Revolution: Benjamin Franklin on Managing Change

  • Management 101 with Dr. Benjamin Franklin

  • Self-Worth: Dr. Franklin's Guide to 13 Virtues

  • Keeping Shop:  Benjamin Franklin on Customer Service

Let us create a presentation specific to your group!

  • All presentations feature period costumes

  • Teacher/Topic information sheets can be created

  • Presentation is adaptable to any size class or group and requires no stage pieces

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