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C.S. Lewis
Benjamin Franklin
IRobert Frost

The Actors Company, celebrating its 22nd year, offers original, engaging, historical and literary character based shows, by award-winning writer-actor-educator J.T. Turner. Our programs support educational objectives and curriculum frameworks in ELA, HSS & STE, in schools and community venues, and are also great for family nights. Shows are presented in period costume, have no A/V needs, are 45 minutes to 90 minutes in length (adjustable to school schedules and adaptable to specific curricular and developmental needs), and optionally, may be accompanied by our corresponding workshops in writing, acting, stage combat, and even circus arts! Please contact us at to discuss available options, such as our 10 percent discount for first-time bookings, for 2nd & 3rd shows on same day in the same district or venue, and for Title I schools. Most shows have both youth and adult versions available. Contact for information & bookings.

Will's World, All About The Bard: How does a glovemaker’s son, with just a few years of formal schooling, become the most famous writer and poet in the world? In this one-man performance, William Shakespeare shares his life story, while providing insight into his greatest works and the world of Theater during the time of Queen Elizabeth. This engaging, interactive show features excerpts from A Midsummer Nights Dream, Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, Henry V, and As You Like It, as well as Shakespeare’s sonnets. Professional actor and Shakespeare expert J.T. Turner brings the Bard to life and makes his works accessible for all. Adaptable for Grade 6 through AP classes, and to focus on specific plays. (Full-length version for colleges and community,

“Shakespeare’s Ghost” is also available.)

The Adventures of Benjamin Franklin: Printer, Scientist, Inventor, Author, Ambassador, Patriot.....Benjamin Franklin has been called "the First American". One of the world's greatest statesmen and authors weaves together history, civics, science, and humor by recounting the story of his life. Dr. Franklin discusses his challenging youth in Boston, his days as a printer and writer in Philadelphia, and his adventures as an inventor, philanthropist, diplomat, and hero of the American Revolution. Includes safe, participatory, fascinating re-creations of Franklin’s experiments, making this show particularly relevant to the STE curriculum, as well as HSS, and of course, character development. Adaptable from K - 12.

A Visit with Aesop: The greatest storyteller in the world would like to visit with you! Aesop shares the story of his own life, which is mixed in with his classic fables such as the Tortoise and the Hare, The Lion and the Mouse, The Two Frogs, and Androcles and the Lion, among others. Charming, delightful, entertaining, with lots of positive life lessons and audience interaction. K – Gr 5. Note, other traditional story-telling shows from J.T. are available, including “Traditional New England Ghost Stories by ‘Candlelight’”, Gr 4 & up, and “Winter Tales from Around the World”, K – Gr 5.

Robert Frost, America's Poet: In an adaptation for schools of J.T. Turner's one-man show, “Robert Frost, Light and Dark”, you will hear stories behind Frost's work, as Mr. Frost shares some of his most popular poems, including Mending Wall, Birches, Road Not Taken, and Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening. The Pulitzer Prize winning poet, who was a student & teacher in MA, helps students understand poetry structure in interactive ways, using his work as a guide. Turner’s original extended version, “Robert Frost, Light and Dark” filled the historic Frost Farm, Derry, NH to capacity &acclaim. Gr 6 & up.

Washington Irving's Legend of Sleepy Hollow: The Headless Horseman Rides Again! J.T. Turner portrays Washington Irving telling his most famous tale, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Taking on all the roles of this Halloween tale, Turner has adapted the piece to keep all ages entertained. It is story theater at its best! Gr 5 & up.

Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol: Witness the classic tale of A Christmas Carol come beautifully to life as actor J.T. Turner portrays Charles Dickens and every single character from the story in this one-man show. Charles Dickens was famous for bringing his A Christmas Carol to life for audiences every year, and this version brings all the drama, comedy and redemption Dickens intended. Gr 5 & up. “Tea with Mrs. Dickens”, with professional actress Marci Diamond as Catherine Dickens, sharing stories about Catherine’s life, perspectives on Charles’ work, and their Victorian Culinary and Christmas traditions, is also available for Gr 5 & up.

The Midnight Ride: Samuel Prescott and the Real Story of the Start of The American Rev- olution. While many people are familiar with the famous Midnight Ride of Paul Revere, not as many know the tale of Dr. Samuel Prescott, who was the only rider to reach Concord with the news that the British were marching. Dr. Prescott was early American doctor and courier for the Sons of Liberty and The Committee of Correspondence. This one-man show provides an engaging first hand account of the events leading up to the Revolution, and the night that marked the start of American Independence. This historical reenactment features professional actor James T. Turner III as Dr. Prescott, as he brings the events of April 1775 to life. Gr 4 - 7.

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